Fresh ideas, efficient work and a team with a mix of experience, commitment and passion are the basis for successful projects.

BirdDesign also provides intensive support to our clients from the first sketch through the entire project to support in production planning, CE certification and consultancy.

In addition to designing yachts in the form of preliminary design, design and construction, our BirdDesign team is almost always much more closely involved in projects. Comprehensive industry knowledge, a well-organised network of shipyards and manufacturers and many years of industry experience help to pioneer consultations even before the project itself.

We individually tailor our services to the technical and economic needs of the client, whether it is a small vessel or a megayacht.

Our projects are always developed in collaboration with our clients. In order to increase transparency, we divide our services into phases.


We offer:

conceptual design | cooperation with the best designers| preliminary design | detailed design | production support | scheduling | project management.

Together we discuss the conditions relevant to the product in order to define its schedule. Our design team has a wide range of skills and competencies and supports the client from the first sketch through tooling, production, final product and even CE conformity assessment.

All design files are prepared in 3D-CAD to provide you with several export data formats, including:

sections | milling data | engineering solutions | one-off molds.



Concept, design and manufacturing are tailored to your needs!


Our services are always tailored to the technical and economic circumstances of the project. We speak to our customers on an common base, regardless of whether for a one-off or series production.

The scope of services is defined and divided into different sections creating transparency from the beginning.

Typical are:

Preliminary design and concept phase
First sketches and simplified CAD models. After the first interview, we develop basic product characteristics and define unique selling points, scope and costs are recorded.

Technical design draft
A first 3D modeling with output – see example below right. Basis for discussion of detailed solutions, last changes before the actual Construction.

Alredy at the design sketch stage, BirdDesign works with / in 3D, not flat sketches.
This means that we leave behind how to interpret a sketch or design template, which is often the case. Step by step, during the design process and construction phase, we coordinate design detailing, construction specifications, bill of materials and project management.
Different projects also require different approaches and strategies – we define the structure of the project and optimise productions taking into account the client’s needs and goals;
– create the tender documentation, the initial
– optimise the product including the equipment;
– provide quality control;
– provide an overview of the project;
– introduce creative management systems in the teams;
– implement organisation and production planning;
As neither boat manufacturer is comparable, the requirements are always defined by the individual conditions of the environment.
Finally, it is necessary to optimise processes, create traceable quality management and real-time coding cost structures.
With each step in the evolution, life on board is becoming more important – and more complex – the equipment, consumer electronics and modern performance of on-board systems are constantly evolving. So, too, do the requirements of the buyer.
The amenities that the owner is familiar with from his home or hotel, he also wants to see on board….
Together with the best designers, we meet all the customer’s requirements, from the concept in the form of tenders to the detailed construction and execution drawings.
Today, contemporary and timeless styles need to be mixed. An interior concept is successful if it appeals positively to as many people as possible – without running the project at high cost.
Already in the design phase, we present a visualised design based on 3D model. BirdDesign delivers realistic results that particularly stand out by being integrated into different scenes.
Renderings as well as marketing support customer presentations or product development together with the customer.
With the technology, we provide CFD analyses at an early design stage. These services are integrated into the design loop so that we take into account:
– Several different independently moving geometries (hull, propeller and rudder)
– Even large differences in reference length (e.g. hull length vs. rudder length) in the same run.
Complex physics
– Free surface with waves
– Floating structure
In detail we look at:
– Calculating drag force
– Systematic optimisation to reduce drag force
– Required installed propulsion power
– Torques and forces on the propeller
– Efficiency
– Interactions between hull / propeller / rudder
Need a strong, lightweight, innovative and cost-effective solution to a structural problem? BirdDesign offers composite engineering and design services for new projects, modifications and repairs to existing structures.
We specialise in composite analysis and material selection and the development of laminate scantlings in accordance with ISO and ABS, RINA regulatory requirements.
We use FEM technology and methods described in ISO standards for the best result.